Thursday, October 10, 2013



Dear Family and Friends!

I just wanted to jot a quick note and let you know that by the grace of God I was able to finish the Avon Walk 39. 3 miles yesterday! Yep, I am EXHAUSTED today but very very grateful!

Walking symbolicaly for those I love who are battling this beast and in honor of a few of my family and friends who battled valiantly but are now with the Lord ... how could I NOT walk? I am grateful to have had the experience, to meet new friends who have my respect ... yes, for walking long miles but the real heroes I met were those that are currently battling but oh wow ... they walked the same miles I did. Yikes!

I so very much appreciate for those of you who prayed for me, who financially supported me, who encouraged me and who trained with me! Sarah, Nancy, Ruth and Rene were my training buddies this year and walked alot of long hot miles with me! Especially Sarah who walked 26.2 miles with me this weekend! Also, to my Walker-Talkers that spent time on the phone with me from a distance to keep me going!

Dr. Lori and Flora kept my body working for me through chiropractic care, Pilates and massage therapy (North Ranch Chiropractic)! Future Running Track kept my feet in excellent shoes, Lani took care of my toes and Weslake Swim and Tennis allowed me to stop periodically to replinish with water and a rest! All appreciated!

Special thanks to Dennis, Damon, Michele and Jayden who joined me for the weekend to encourage, cheer, follow the route and find me/us, bring iced coffee :), hug, bless bless bless. And to Kyle and Steph who kept in touch by phone and text ... who wished they could be with us and we wished they could be too ... but thank the Lord for phones!  Loved those texts and emails by other family and friends this weekend ... kept me going! Thank you!

So ... in the last 2 years I have now seen nearly 80 miles of streets and beauty in Santa Barbara and Carpenteria. So very very grateful the Lord allowed my body to cooperate and walk the miles and for each woman I met along the way. The stories were amazing ... made me even more resolute to do MY part to help save lives and hearts and BEAT cancer. ALL kinds of cancer.
  • The week before the event I lost a friend to breast cancer. Kathy ... a godly woman and a warrior.
  • The week before the event I had another friend re-diagnosed with cancer after being cancer free for 27 years. Carolyn ... our boys church "California Grandma" growing up.
  • The day before the event our niece Amber (31) had a 6 hour surgery for advanced colon cancer.
How could I NOT walk? How can we not work together to end this disease? Let's continue!
Please continue to pray for those I walked for who are SURVIVORS and continue to battle:
We pray for healing!! 

* Amber * Amy * Brooklyn * Carolyn * Haewon * J * Margaret * Ruthie * Sally *

Please continue to pray for the families of those who have lost their cancer battles this year that we love: 

* Bill * Jim * Kathy * Ina*

Again my heart felt thanks for helping me in so many ways! Together our donations will help researchers, it will help women who cannot afford mammograms to get them, etc. AWESOME Team you are!

Love and blessings to each of you!
Kathleen :)
  PS So grateful my oncologist on Friday before I left for the Avon Walk gave me the news that there was no indication of cancer in my hip exrays. Praise the Lord! I appreciate you continuing to pray I remain cancer free. Much work to do!